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i’ve read a lot of good stuff this week:

The Gangsters of Ferguson
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Coates, as usual, reads between all of the lines of the DOJ’s investigation into the shooting of Mike Brown. For those who couldn’t connect the dots to why so many were speaking out, protesting, and marching before any of the investigations–the things exposed by the DOJ beyond Darren Wilson should be noted. Many people, many black people, have known this and have been vying for improvement in government from municipal to federal. Maybe you’ll listen the next time someone proclaims “Black Lives Matter”?

Ferguson and Abortion as the “Solution” to Black Crime?
Alan Noble
Another response to the DOJ investigation–this one zooms in on the municipal email threads exposed by the report. Again, none of this stuff happens in a vaccuum, and Noble gives a great history of where eugenics intersects with black lives *not* mattering.

Outsider Art Can Refashion How We Think About Mental Illness
Victoria Tischler
I was drawn to this post because (to steal Erna’s language from IV’s Fall Conference), it brings the value of those with serious mental illness from the margins to the center, and it does so in a creative way.

We Need Each Other: Thoughts From MESC 15
Sean Watkins
My friend Sean shares his reflections from InterVarsity’s Multi-Ethnic Staff Conference, which occurred this past week in Florida. While most of my posts focus on black-white racial issues, Sean widens the lens and makes the case for more voices to both be spoken and heard. MESC was a venue for that to happen, and I hope it bears fruit within IV and beyond.

Read The Full Transcript Of Obama’s Powerful Speech In Selma
President Barack Obama
This weekend marked the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement that broadcasted the narrative across the nation. Here’s the transcript of President Obama’s speech for reading. And, I encourage you to check out the movie Selma if you haven’t yet seen it.

Apple becomes part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, AT&T gets the boot
Andrew Cunningham
Times are a’ changin’.


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